Why are you allergic?

Every season turns, which is the high incidence of skin allergy. Many women will worry about skin allergy symptoms. If you have skin allergy symptoms, avoid blind medication. If you use it improperly, it will easily cause hormone-dependent dermatitis. Patients should be treated rationally under the guidance of professional dermatologists. So why are you allergic? Let’s take a look at it!

1. Environmental factors

Being in a polluted environment for a long time may cause skin irritation and allergy, mainly because the swimming ions in çİş air can destroy the lipid protective layer of skin, so it is necessary to do all kinds of sun protection work when going out at ordinary times, so as to better protect the health of skin.

2. Age factor .

Generally, with the increase of age, the secretion function of skin will deteriorate, the cutin will become thinner, and the protective layer function of skin surface will also weaken.

3. Pressure factors

Long-term stress and mental stress will weaken the skin’s natural resistance and slow down the skin’s self-repair function. Therefore, we should learn to relax at ordinary times and avoid being under high pressure for a long time, which will affect the endocrine of the body.

4. Weather factors

If the weather changes suddenly, the skin needs an extra adaptation process, especially in cold winter. If the skin is not adequately moisturized, it will be easily hurt.

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