Why can’t I sleep with insomnia every night?

Many people feel very sleepy when they go to work. In fact, it is because they don’t sleep well. When they always want to sleep at night, they can’t sleep. So why? In fact, many people may suffer from insomnia, which may affect their health if not handled in time. So why can’t they sleep every night?

First, playing with electronic devices is realized when many people are used to brushing their mobile phones or watching TV before going to bed. Especially, there are still many novel applications, so many people have the habit of playing with mobile phones before going to bed, so they may brush them late before they know it, which leads to many people staying up late.

Second, there is a biological clock. If you stay up late for a long time, it may cause your body to have formed a biological clock, and you will not feel sleepy until very late every night. In this way, you will feel particularly tired during the day. So sometimes, even if I really want to go to bed early, I can’t sleep because of the biological clock, so I will suffer from insomnia.

Third, because of the great mental pressure, many people’s mood will be particularly vulnerable at night. If something heavy happens, it may lead to over-thinking, and the heart will not calm down, which will lead to insomnia.

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