Why can’t you eat eggs for a cold?

People like to eat eggs, and they eat one every morning. Eggs are nutritious food, and they need to be supplemented when they are sick. After a cold, they are not only weak, but also have poor gastrointestinal function, so it is difficult to digest some food. Therefore, we should pay attention to diet adjustment. So, why can’t we eat eggs when we catch a cold?

Whether you can eat eggs for a cold varies from person to person. Under the influence of the cold virus, the digestive function of the human body will be weakened. If you eat foods with high protein content, indigestion will easily occur, which will lead to nausea and vomiting, which is very unfavorable to the recovery of a cold. It is recommended to eat light foods, which are rich in vitamins and helpful to the recovery of the body. It is also better to drink millet porridge, which has high water content and abundant nutrition and can supplement energy for the body.

If the cold is not serious and does not cause fever symptoms, you can eat some eggs properly, as long as it is not too much. The cold is a high incidence disease, which is common in climate change. If the body’s resistance is weak, it is easy to be invaded by germs, thus causing a cold.

If it is a viral cold with severe symptoms, it is necessary to seek medical treatment and take medicine in time. If it is a common cold and its constitution is already good, it is possible to improve immunity and fight against cold diseases through diet therapy. Patients should also pay attention to drink plenty of water and keep indoor çİş air circulation.

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