Why do cervical polyps grow fast?

Many women in life are troubled by gynecological diseases. For example, some women have cervical polyps, which are prone to bleeding when they are in the same room. Moreover, some women are worried about the fact that cervical polyps grow faster. Let’s find out why cervical polyps grow faster.

The rapid growth of cervical polyps is usually related to changes in hormone levels in the body. For example, cervical polyps may grow faster when women are in pregnancy; Some women have strong hormone levels, such as taking estrogen preparations, which will easily lead to strong hormone levels, which will also make cervical polyps grow faster; If cervical polyps become malignant, they will grow faster.

Once a female cervical polyp is found to grow faster, it is necessary to go to the hospital in time, perform surgical resection as early as possible, remove the cervical polyp and send it to pathology, clarify the pathological type, and then adopt further treatment scheme according to the situation. If there is malignant change, it is necessary to intervene as early as possible.

In daily life, it is necessary to do a good job of maintenance, pay attention to the hygiene of perineum, clean it with warm water frequently, keep warm at ordinary times, avoid catching cold, eat more foods rich in vitamins in diet, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, do not eat irritating foods, and strictly avoid alcohol and tobacco, so as not to affect your health.

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