Why do girls lose their breasts first?

Modern public aesthetics mostly takes thinness as beauty, and everyone has the heart to love beauty. Therefore, many girls take thinness as the standard for their body management. Slimming needs to pay attention to scientific methods, and can’t unilaterally pursue not eating. Some people lose weight because of proper methods. So, why do girls lose weight first?

Girls lose weight before they lose their breasts, mainly because breast fat accounts for nearly two-thirds of the total breast volume. When we lose weight, the body fat is reduced, and the chest fat is definitely affected. Relatively speaking, the chest will look very thin.

However, under normal circumstances, only thin breasts will not appear after slimming, and the body fat will be reduced in proportion. Most of the time, it’s just my subjective feeling to feel thin first. I feel that a certain part has lost more weight. If you lose weight by completely dieting and strenuous exercise, the inner ligament of the breast may break, which will lead to sagging breasts.

The size of women’s breasts is related to puberty development and heredity. If you lose weight and lose your chest, you should pay more attention to the balanced diet, eat more protein and lose weight in a healthy way. You can do more chest massage every day, eat more beans and nuts and other foods that have a certain effect on breast enhancement, and suggest drinking more milk.

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