Why do men grow acne?

In life, many men’s faces are covered with pimples, and some of them are quite crazy, which makes the whole face look terrible. Men don’t use many skin care products like women, and they don’t do skin care as carefully as women. If men want to treat acne well, they need to find out the causes of acne. So, why do men get acne?

1. Many men are nervous, overworked and lack of sleep because of their work or study, which will also lead to men getting acne easily. Moreover, male androgen secretion is too strong, and if you don’t do a good job in diet or skin cleaning during this period, it will cause acne.

2. For men, especially after puberty, excessive androgen secretion is the main factor of acne formation. Androgen can directly lead to the increase of sebaceous glands, accelerate the keratinization of hair follicles, clog pores, and thus cause inflammation and acne. Many people like to eat greasy and spicy food at ordinary times, which will also cause acne.

3. Many drugs are inherently irritating. If men take them for a long time, toxins will accumulate in skin tissues, leading to the worsening of acne. This may also play a catalytic role in the occurrence of acne and further aggravate the symptoms.

There are many reasons for men’s acne. Now is the time of loving beauty. Men should also pay attention to their skin care to avoid acne. If acne grows, you should pay attention to your diet, don’t eat spicy food, and don’t drink alcohol, which will aggravate acne.

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