Why do pregnant women always sneeze?

If girls are usually weak and prone to colds and fever, they need to pay special attention when they are pregnant, because they may be more susceptible to external factors. If they are in such a situation during pregnancy, they will be particularly troublesome because it is not convenient to take medicine. Some women may have some abnormal conditions after pregnancy, such as always sneezing, so why do pregnant women always sneeze?

First, if you sneeze all the time, it may be because the pregnant woman’s own resistance is weak, so allergic dermatitis appears. Frequent sneezing will still have some influence on the fetus. Especially in the early stage, the fetus is still unstable, and if sneezing is serious, it may lead to miscarriage.

Second, it is also possible that after pregnancy, hormones in the body have changed, resulting in hyperemia in nasal mucosa, so it will be sensitive to some external smells or stimuli, so sneezing occurs repeatedly.

Sneezing frequently, if you want to relieve it, you can try to clean the nasal cavity with light salt water, and then try to keep the indoor çİş air flowing as much as possible. At this stage, you should try to minimize contact with some fine substances such as pollen or dust, which may cause nose sensitivity. Try to wear a mask when you go out at ordinary times, and isolate the tiny substances.

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