Why do pregnant women have rib pain on both sides?

The health of pregnant women is related to the fetus, so it is not only the pregnant women’s business. The fetus breeds and grows in the body of pregnant women, and many pregnant women will have early pregnancy reactions and symptoms such as morning sickness at the early stage of pregnancy. Some pregnant women may feel the same pain in their abdomen, or pain in their ribs on both sides. So, why do pregnant women have rib pain on both sides?

Therefore, pregnant women will feel rib pain on both sides, which usually occurs in the middle or late pregnancy, which is mainly caused by fetal enlargement. Because the fetus grows up, the uterus will naturally expand, and the enlarged uterus may compress the ribs, thus causing pain in the ribs on both sides of the pregnant woman’s body, which is caused by the continuous growth of the fetus.

Both sides of pregnant women have rib pain, which is not obvious when they stand up. Half lying down is also helpful to relieve this pain. But when lying on the side, the pain in the ribs on both sides of the body becomes more obvious. Because such a posture will lift the uterus upward, thus exerting more pressure on the ribs.

Wait until the third trimester, when the fetus enters the basin, the oppression will be less, and the ribs on both sides of the pregnant woman will feel more comfortable. Pregnant women are hard-working, and there are many symptoms during pregnancy that will make them feel very uncomfortable. In addition, the belly bulges and their weight increase, but pregnant women are willing to endure these for the health of their babies, which is really great.

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