Why do you get angry when you catch a cold?

We are all familiar with colds and excessive internal heat. After all, these two diseases are still very common. From the occurrence of both, cold and excessive internal heat are caused by each other, that is to say, cold can cause excessive internal heat, and excessive internal heat may also cause cold. However, some people get angry when they catch a cold, which requires a good understanding of the reasons. Then, why do you get angry when you catch a cold?

When you catch a cold, you get angry. This is because many people’s resistance will drop obviously after catching a cold, so viruses or bacteria will easily invade the human body, which will lead to aggravation of illness, which will easily lead to getting angry. Therefore, after discovering a cold, if the symptoms are not relieved within one or two days, it is necessary to pay attention to preventing the occurrence of excessive internal heat.

Now it has entered the autumn, which is relatively dry in itself, and it is easier to get angry when catching a cold. Therefore, we should pay attention to eating more pears, lotus roots and other foods at ordinary times. These foods have certain functions of removing fire and moistening the lungs, and are very moist. They are especially suitable for dry seasons, which can prevent getting angry. Of course, you need to drink plenty of water.

There is a difference between catching a cold and getting angry. A cold is a respiratory disease. If you get angry already, the internal heat will become more vigorous after catching a cold, which will aggravate the symptoms to a certain extent. It’s easy to catch a cold after getting angry, which should be made clear. Once you have a cold, you also have excessive internal heat, so you should pay attention to eradicating it in treatment.

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