Why do you have backache at night during pregnancy?

When a female friend is pregnant, she will have a corresponding physiological reaction. Some female friends have obvious pregnancy symptoms, which brings great pressure to the body. Then, why do you have back pain at night during pregnancy?

Because of pregnancy, hormone secretion in the body will change. Some hormones can relax the waist muscles, make the lumbar spine bear more strength, and produce the phenomenon of low back pain. This is a common disease during pregnancy, with mild cases of back pain and severe cases of leg cramps, sciatica and other symptoms. This is equivalent to a pregnant mother with a heavy bag hanging on her stomach, so it is natural to have low back pain.

Lack of physical exercise leads to a decline in one’s basic physical strength. If physical strength declines, you will not be able to maintain your normal posture, which will lead to low back pain. In addition, the influence of uterus and fetus can also cause low back pain.

To relieve low back pain, we must first control our weight. After pregnancy, considering the nutritional problems, pregnant mothers will take various supplements and gain weight quietly. Pregnant mothers must pay attention to correct tonic and balanced diet.

When backache occurs in early pregnancy, special attention should be paid to postures, including standing, sitting and sleeping postures, to prevent back pain from worsening. At this time, if the pregnant mother has the habit of exercising, she should stick to it.

Standing posture: Avoid standing for a long time in the middle and late pregnancy. If you feel uncomfortable, you should sit down or lie down.

Sitting position: When a pregnant mother is sitting, she can put a cushion on the back of the chair to relieve back pressure. When sleeping, you can lie on your side to relieve the burden on your waist and discomfort. When sleeping, put a soft towel under the knee joint to relax the pressure on the abdominal muscles.

A pregnant woman’s belly is too big, and if she is not careful, she will make her body unable to accept sudden torsion and cause sequelae. Although low back pain is a normal physiological reaction during pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay more attention. Pregnancy is a very difficult task. I hope all expectant mothers can love themselves, take good care of themselves, and keep a good mood every day, so that the baby can develop healthily and recover faster and better after delivery.

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