Why do you have bags under your eyes if you don’t stay up late?

In daily life, most women do a lot of nursing and maintenance measures, such as speeding up blood circulation and metabolism in the body by drinking water and exercising, discharging harmful toxins in the body, and even ensuring adequate sleep every day, so as to make themselves beautiful. Recently, some women are very puzzled. Why do they have bags under their eyes when they don’t stay up late? Let’s take a look at it together.

There are many reasons for women’s pouch. According to the causes, there are congenital pouch and acquired pouch. The former is mainly caused by insufficient strength and elasticity of fibrous connective tissue in the skin around the eyes, while most people’s pouch belongs to acquired pouch, which may be related to improper massage, tears, eyeliner or eye makeup, and habitual staying up late. Therefore, even if you don’t stay up late, pouch will be caused by other factors.

In fact, if you want to eliminate acquired pouch, you must develop the good habit of going to bed early and getting up early, and ensure that you have at least 8 hours of sleep every day, and the sleep process should be good. In addition, it is best not to drink water for one hour before going to bed. Drinking too much water may accumulate under the eyes, causing puffiness of pouch in the next day. For women who often draw eyeliner or make up their eyes, you must take off makeup, otherwise it will lead to deterioration of eye skin and pouch.

You can use natural eye applying tools, such as fresh cucumber slices, or you can collect the tea leaves you just drank, put them in a clean gauze and make them into tea bags, put them in the refrigerator for freezing, and then take them out and apply them to the eyes. Or, after cleaning the facial skin every time, you can gently press them from inside to outside with your ring finger belly, or you can gently lift the skin from inside to outside. If you insist on massaging every day, you can eliminate the bags under your eyes.

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