Why do you have bags under your eyes when you are older?

If a person is old, his eyes will show it first. Besides fine lines, bags under the eyes are easy to appear. Bags under the eyes greatly affect the image and make the eyes look very old. Therefore, many people want to know the causes of pouch and try to avoid pouch. Then, when you are old, why do you have bags under your eyes?

1. Eye muscle relaxation. With the increase of age, eye muscles become slack and atrophy, which leads to the appearance of pouch. On the other hand, at a certain age, the orbital skeleton shrinks, resulting in the appearance of pouch. The skin around the eyes is prone to aging and wrinkles, because the skin around the eyes is relatively thin, and the muscles of the eyes move more, so the eyes will age quickly.

2. Pay no attention to lifestyle. Many people usually work long hours, lack of sleep, and often smoke and drink, which makes it easy to grow bags under the eyes. In addition, eye metabolism slows down and collagen is reduced, which easily leads to the formation of eye bags. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to personal lifestyle, pay more attention to rest and care for eye skin.

3. Inheritance. Bags under the eyes are also hereditary. If both parents have bags under their eyes, their children have a high probability of bags under their eyes. At ordinary times, we must pay attention to personal care, so that our eyes can get enough rest. Avoid eating too salty food and don’t drink too much water before going to bed. Massage with eye cream in the morning and evening to promote blood circulation, but the movements must be gentle.

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