Why do you suddenly cough badly at night?

Some people sleep well at night and suddenly cough, while others cough less seriously during the day and become more serious at night. Sometimes, this cough is very severe, and from the point of symptoms, it is quite severe. But for the sudden cough at night, many people don’t know what happened. Then, why do you suddenly cough badly at night?

Sudden cough at night, this is because the cough is severe, which is probably caused by bronchitis with silver hair, especially at the beginning of onset, it is easy to have expectoration, cough and other abnormalities. In the evening, the symptoms of bronchitis become more obvious, that is, the disease worsens, which is related to bacterial infection and viruses.

At night, people’s airway sensitivity will become higher, so some patients cough more gently during the day and become more serious at night. This situation may be variant asthma caused by cough, which we often say, and it will become more serious not only at night, but also in the morning.

For the occasional patients whose cough suddenly becomes severe at night, they can drink a little warm water to relieve it. However, patients with repeated abnormalities must see a doctor early. At the same time, pay attention to the sleeping environment and hygiene at night, gout, and keep çİş air flowing. If the room is too dry, use a humidifier.

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