Why does a pregnant woman hurt when she presses her right lower abdomen?

After pregnancy, the most worrying thing is that the body will be uncomfortable, especially the fear of physical pain. Some pregnant women will find that their right lower abdomen hurts when they press it, so why does it hurt when they press it?

1. The uterus is enlarged. When a woman is pregnant, the hormone level in her body will change, and the uterus will slowly increase with the passage of time. The enlarged uterus may involve the surrounding ligaments, which will cause pain in her right lower abdomen. This is a normal physiological phenomenon, which generally does not require special treatment. After giving birth, there will be no pain.

2. Ectopic pregnancy. When the symptoms of right lower abdominal pain appear in early pregnancy, the possibility of ectopic pregnancy should be considered, that is, ectopic pregnancy. Extrauterine pregnancy refers to the implantation outside the uterus, which is an abnormal phenomenon. The main symptoms are delayed menstruation, vaginal bleeding and severe abdominal pain.

3. Gynecological diseases. You will also suffer from gynecological diseases during pregnancy, such as pelvic inflammatory disease. When pelvic inflammatory disease occurs during pregnancy, it may also cause symptoms of abdominal pain, but it is usually accompanied by abnormal leucorrhea, such as abnormal leucorrhea smell and increase. Once this happens, it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination immediately, and actively carry out treatment according to the specific causes, so as to avoid affecting the growth and development of fetus.

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