Why does cervical polyp bleed?

Nowadays, many women suffer from cervical diseases, such as cervicitis, cervical cyst and cervical polyp. After a female friend falls ill, she needs treatment as soon as possible. Otherwise, the disease will not only harm your health, but also have an adverse effect on your pregnancy. So, why do women suffer from cervical polyps and bleed?

Cervical polyps are formed by mucous membrane aggregation, which is very fragile, so it is easy to rupture and bleed. Some women will have bleeding in the same room, which is contact bleeding, and most of them are caused by cervical polyps. Attention should be paid to female contact bleeding, and it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination in time.

Female friends can confirm whether they have cervical polyp by gynecological examination. Once the disease is diagnosed, it should be treated actively. At present, the most commonly used method for treating cervical polyps is surgical resection, which can cure cervical polyps quickly and thoroughly.

Many women are afraid of surgery. In fact, cervical polypectomy is a small gynecological operation, which belongs to outpatient minor surgery, and they can go home after it is finished. And the cost is not high, usually about 800-1000 yuan. After cervical polyp surgery, women need to do a good job of nursing care, and should take anti-inflammatory drugs for several days continuously, which can effectively avoid infection. In addition, during the postoperative recovery period, it is absolutely impossible to share a room, otherwise it is easy to cause inflammation.

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