Why does dirty hair hurt scalp?

In daily life, many people pay more attention to hygiene and wash their hair frequently. But there are also many people who are busy at ordinary times and don’t have much time to take care of their hair, so their hair is dirty. In the process, you may also feel a little pain in your scalp. Then, why does the scalp hurt when the hair is dirty?

First of all, the blood circulation of the body is interlinked. When the hair is dirty, it will cause oil secretion, which cannot be discharged normally, resulting in pore blockage, so that the blood cannot circulate normally. In this case, it will cause a little scalp pain. Wash your hair in time, keep your head clean and hygienic, and pay attention to strengthening blood circulation.

Secondly, scalp pain is also related to loose pores. If the hair is always oily, the scalp may be damp, which will cause loose pores, thus causing scalp pain. Especially some people with sensitive skin should wash their hair regularly. After washing their hair, they must be dried in time to avoid scalp pain. Scalp pain may also be a shampoo problem, which leads to a large amount of oil loss on the scalp, causing dry scalp pain.

Finally, dirty hair will also affect the skin, especially the skin on the forehead, which is prone to acne. Therefore, you must wash your hair regularly and cut your hair frequently, so as not to let the dirt accumulated in your hair lead to various abnormal situations in your body. In addition, we should also pay attention to choosing shampoo products to avoid bad products, which will cause irritation to the scalp and then cause scalp pain.

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