Why does fright lead to fever?

Scaring will have a certain impact on the body. After all, it is a strong fear, which will make people nervous. Many people will have some abnormal symptoms after being scared, such as limb weakness and fainting, and some people will have abnormal symptoms of fever. So, why does fright lead to fever?

Frightening does cause fever. No matter children or adults, when frightened, some people will have abnormal fever. For children, fright can lead to fever, which is related to the unstable nervous system of children. Once strongly stimulated by the outside world, it leads to endocrine disorder, so that the immunity is low and it is easy to have a fever.

However, the fever after being frightened is different from the fever when being ill, which is mainly manifested in the high fever, but this high fever is only a stage, that is, it will not last long. Because of being frightened, appeasement is very useful, and it helps people who are frightened to become quiet, so that their body temperature will slowly recover.

After being frightened, there will be abnormal sleep. This abnormality is mainly that sleeping becomes unstable, and it is more common to wake up suddenly, which is what we call a surprise. After being frightened, sometimes there will be symptoms like runny nose and cough, which should be distinguished clinically.

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