Why does jaundice need the sun?

Physiological jaundice is mainly determined by the physiological characteristics of bilirubin metabolism in the body. Generally speaking, it has little impact on children, so it is not necessary to take special measures to help children get rid of it. So, why does jaundice need the sun?

When exposed to sunlight, some ultraviolet rays will be produced, which will help to reduce jaundice and promote the excretion of toxins in the body. Therefore, parents can promote the self-decline of jaundice by sunning their newborns.

Parents should pay attention to prevent bright light from shining directly on their babies in order to relieve jaundice. Try to choose a time when the light is weak for the newborn baby. And meanwhile, attention should be paid to covering the newborn’s eyes, so as to prevent the newborn’s eyes from looking directly, and to prevent the newborn’s eyesight from being adversely affected.

If neonatal jaundice is severe, parents should pay attention to the symptoms of nuclear jaundice caused by severe jaundice. In this case, parents also need to take the newborn to the hospital for examination as soon as possible. If the examination results show that the neonatal bilirubin is on the high side, it is necessary to cooperate with the doctor as soon as possible and help the newborn relieve jaundice through blue light.

During the treatment, mothers should also pay attention to stop breastfeeding, so as not to affect the treatment effect. During the milk stopping period, breast milk should be sucked out by breast pump to maintain the continuous excretion of breast milk. When the stool color is abnormal, even white clay, the body temperature is & lt36℃ or & gt38℃, and the drowsiness response is poor. It is recommended to consult a doctor or outpatient treatment immediately.

In addition, some children may have pathological jaundice. Pathological jaundice is caused by the increase of jaundice level caused by the primary disease. E.g. there may be infection. If the degree of jaundice is very high, simply basking in the sun will not have the effect of removing jaundice in time.

For most babies born normally, it is usually 2~3 days after discharge (that is, 5~7 days after birth), and they need to go to the hospital to follow up the jaundice value. However, the specific problems about infant phototherapy need specific analysis. It is said that there are many causes of jaundice, and the effect of adding yellow to reduce yellow varies from person to person. It is necessary to combine hourly bilirubin nomogram (Bhutan curve) and phototherapy standards of different gestational age, age and corresponding risk factors to further decide whether to continue irradiation or daily follow-up.

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