Why does scrotal eczema recur?

Eczema is also a type of eczema, which mainly occurs in men. The etiology is complicated and related to many aspects. After the onset, there will be red and swollen symptoms, accompanied by obvious itching, and even papules and erosion. It needs to be treated in a scientific way, and it should be actively prevented to avoid repeated attacks. However, why does eczema of scrotum recur?

Eczema of scrotum will recur, which may be the cause of personal constitution. If it is an allergic constitution or a person with poor constitution, it is easy to cause eczema of scrotum to recur due to the influence of stimulation. Patients belonging to this kind of constitution should pay attention not to touch irritating articles at ordinary times to prevent damage to the skin. At the same time, they should strengthen physical exercise and enhance their physique.

If you often stay in a damp environment or a place with poor circulation, it is easy to cause eczema of scrotum. If the sheets and bedding are wet but not cleaned, it will also induce diseases. Patients do not pay attention to the hygiene of scrotum, which leads to the breeding of pathogenic bacteria, and also makes the illness repeat, making it difficult to recover.

Wearing tight underpants often not only has poor air permeability, but also makes the scrotum warm and humid, which is a disease-inducing factor, and it is easy to cause other inflammatory diseases. In addition, patients do not pay attention to sexual hygiene, or endocrine disorders, mental state is very poor, also can let the disease recur.

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