Why does the inside of underwear always shrink?

Private parts are a very important part for people, and the choice of underwear is very cautious. At the same time, underwear is also a necessary clothing for everyone. However, many people have some embarrassing problems when they wear underwear in their lives, so let’s see why the inside of underwear always shrinks.

The reason why underwear inside shrinks is because of the quality problem of underwear. Many people don’t think it is necessary to buy expensive underwear when they buy it, so they will wear it several times and wash it several times. Another reason is that this pair of underwear has been worn for too long, which proves that it is time to replace them with new ones.

The importance of underwear is self-evident. When buying underwear, there are also some places to pay attention to. First of all, do not choose colorful underwear, because colorful underwear has been dyed, and the dye generally contains stimulating ingredients, which will cause harm to the skin when worn on the body, but you can buy underwear made of colored cotton.

If you don’t choose underwear made of chemical fiber, chemical fiber fabrics have great disadvantages. Firstly, the water absorption of the fabrics is not good enough, and secondly, the air permeability is poor, which will make the underwear environment damp and easily cause bacterial infection when you wear them. Instead of lace underwear, many people will choose lace underwear for style, but it has good air permeability, but its water absorption is not good enough, so it is easy to cause bacteria.

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