Why does the lower back of the stream of people swell?

If the fetus is found to be defective during pregnancy, it should be induced in time. After abortion, women should pay attention to nursing work, otherwise, it is easy to have adverse symptoms and may leave the root of the disease. Women after abortion, but also pay attention to observe physical symptoms. Then, why does the lower back of the stream of people suffer from pain?

It is very common for women to have symptoms of waist pain after abortion, which is a sequela of abortion, and it usually takes a few days to rest. If the symptoms of distending pain are severe or last too long, it is an abnormal symptom, which may be caused by diseases, so it is necessary to seek medical examination.

After abortion, I feel severe pain in the waist, which may be caused by gynecological diseases, such as pelvic inflammatory disease. At this time, it will be accompanied by bad symptoms such as backache, lower abdomen falling and lumbosacral pain. Especially when sitting for a long time and standing for a long time, the symptoms will be more obvious. When women find that they have the above symptoms, they should go to the hospital for color Doppler ultrasound examination.

Women should take good care after abortion. If the care is not good, it will easily lead to abnormal symptoms, such as catching cold and catching cold, which may lead to waist pain and arthritis. In addition, some women suffer from lumbar diseases, such as lumbar muscle strain. After abortion, women will be weaker, so they are prone to various adverse symptoms.

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