Why does weight keep rising?

For women who love beauty, how happy it is to control their weight well. Most people worry about being overweight. The important thing is that no matter how hard they try to control their weight, they still can’t restrain their weight gain. So why does it keep rising?

If you have been trying to control your weight, but your weight is still growing, it may be caused by some metabolic diseases in your body. For example, diabetes, hypothyroidism, insulinoma and other diseases, will cause constant weight gain. Therefore, in the case of rising weight, we must actively seek medical examination, and only after comprehensive examination can we confirm the cause.

If these diseases are ruled out after examination, it may be caused by the weakness of one’s spleen. In the state of spleen and stomach, the moisture in the body can not be metabolized in time, and the body will achieve the purpose of self-protection by increasing fat, which will lead to weight gain.

However, if you are healthy and eat a lot at ordinary times, the weight gain is caused by the disproportionate amount of calories consumed by your body, that is, it is often said that you eat more and move less. In this case, if you want to control your weight gain, it is very simple, as long as you increase your exercise and arrange your diet reasonably.

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