Why don’t some people get acne?

Many people suffer from acne everyday, but we also find that not everyone will suffer from acne. Many people have smooth skin and will not suffer from acne. In this regard, people with acne feel envious and want to know why some people don’t have acne.

1. Good living habits. Most people are used to going to bed early and getting up early, not staying up late, and not eating stimulating food or unhealthy food, such as greasy food. Therefore, in normal times, the body condition is relatively good, metabolism and other aspects are relatively normal, and the internal organs are also very healthy, so it is not easy to have acne on the skin.

2. Hormone secretion is normal. Some people may have abnormal hormones and endocrine disorders when they are growing, so they are prone to acne, especially in adolescence, when people are very prone to abnormal endocrine, resulting in acne.

3. Pay attention to skin care everyday. If you pay great attention to skin care every day, so that the skin is breathable and there is no pore blockage, it may not be easy to get acne.

4. Usually drink more water. If a person’s metabolism is good and there is no toxin accumulation in the body, it is not easy to get acne. A better way to promote metabolism is to drink water. If you can drink 6 to 8 glasses of water every day, it will be more beneficial to promote your metabolism and avoid acne.

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