Why is abortion easy in the first three months of pregnancy?

In the first three months of pregnancy, it is a time when pregnant women are frightened. Because the fetus is fragile, if it is stimulated a little, it may lead to adverse consequences, thus causing a blow to pregnant women. Therefore, they will be particularly cautious. So, why is abortion easy in the first three months of pregnancy?

Abortion is easy in the first three months of pregnancy, the placenta has not yet formed, and the fetus is not very stable. If all aspects are not paid attention to, such as overwork and strenuous exercise, it may lead to abortion. In order to avoid this harm, pregnant women should take preventive measures.

In early pregnancy, it is best not to lift heavy objects, or lift up things, etc., because the center of gravity may be unstable, which may cause falls. If you use too much force, it will cause uterine contraction. If pregnant women have the habit of staying up late before, they should quit at this time. Long-term lack of sleep will not only reduce the resistance of pregnant women, but also increase the risk of premature birth. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange work and rest reasonably and develop the habit of going to bed early and getting up early.

Bad mood can lead to abortion. Even if there is pregnancy reaction, pregnant women should not be too irritable, keep a good mood and have more family members. If you need to take medicine, you should also follow the doctor’s advice and use the medicine safely. Pregnant women should pay attention. Do not buy drugs at will, which will easily lead to fetal development deformity. The fetus is not very stable in the womb, and the climax of sexual life will cause uterine contraction, so it is necessary to avoid sharing a room.

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