Why is my face red just after washing?

Many female friends wash their faces in the morning and evening, and then apply some skin care products to maintain their skin. Sometimes, after washing my face, I always feel that some parts of my face will be a little itchy and red, but it will become normal again after a while. Then, why did you just wash your face red?

1. The water temperature is higher. If a female friend likes to wash her face with hot water, it is normal for her face to turn red just after washing. Because of the high temperature of hot water, it will stimulate the blood circulation of the face, resulting in redness of the face. If you want to avoid redness, washing your face with warm water can reduce the chance of redness.

2. Facial cleanser is allergic. If you use facial cleanser to clean your face and use warm water, you should see if your skin is suitable for this product. Because some exciting facial cleanser will cause redness on the face after use, and it will also be accompanied by peeling, so a mild facial cleanser can effectively improve it.

3. The stratum corneum is thin. If this is the case, wash your face gently, otherwise it is easy to cause redness. As long as the redness on the face does not last long, there will be no serious problems. If the redness on the face lasts for a long time and does not return to normal after a long time, it is best to go to the hospital for examination. It may be skin allergy.

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