Why is pregnant woman’s throat tight and flustered?

After pregnancy, there will be many changes in pregnant women’s body. It is easy to find out in life that some pregnant women often have flustered and uncomfortable symptoms during pregnancy, which is a relatively common phenomenon. However, some pregnant women will feel flustered and uncomfortable in the late pregnancy, while some pregnant women will have such symptoms in the early pregnancy. So why is it that the throat of pregnant women is tight and flustered and uncomfortable?

During pregnancy, pregnant women will need more oxygen because of some physical changes, so the body will adjust accordingly to meet the needs, which may affect the respiratory function of pregnant women, resulting in some changes in the body slowly. Perhaps the number of breaths has not changed, but the inhaled çİş volume is still increasing, resulting in palpitation, shortness of breath and discomfort.

Generally, this symptom will be aggravated in the later stage of pregnancy, because the uterus of the pregnant woman will gradually increase, which will exert a lot of pressure on the body, increase the weight in the later stage of pregnancy, and increase the burden on the heart, which will make it easier for the pregnant woman to feel laborious to breathe and cause palpitation and shortness of breath. Moreover, if the fetal position of the pregnant woman is relatively high, or if she is pregnant with multiple births, the pressure will be greater and the symptoms will be more obvious.

Pay more attention to rest after this symptom appears, which can help to increase the ventilation of the lungs by deepening and speeding up breathing, and can effectively relieve the symptoms of palpitation. If this symptom has affected normal life, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination and confirmation.

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