Why is rhinitis hotter and more serious?

The incidence of rhinitis is very high. Generally, when you have a cold, it is easy to cause rhinitis. After everyone suffers from rhinitis, symptoms such as nasal congestion and runny nose will appear, which requires timely treatment. If the treatment time is delayed, it will probably turn into chronic rhinitis. So, why is rhinitis getting hotter and worse?

Many rhinitis patients have found that when the weather is hot, rhinitis will obviously worsen. At this time, because in summer, not only the temperature is relatively high, but also the humidity is very high, which will reduce the oxygen content in 空 gas. Because of nasal congestion, patients with rhinitis are not breathing well, but when the oxygen content of 空 gas decreases, they will become more depressed, so they feel that rhinitis is aggravated.

Bacteria will become more active in hot weather and multiply faster than other times. Therefore, in hot summer, the symptoms of rhinitis will be aggravated. After suffering from rhinitis, we should actively treat it by using some nasal drops or sprays.

In addition to timely treatment, patients with rhinitis should also pay more attention at ordinary times. For example, after 空 is turned on for a period of time, windows should be opened for ventilation. Keep warm at ordinary times and try not to let yourself catch a cold. Because rhinitis patients can easily get worse after catching a cold. In addition, usually eat less irritating food, such as mustard and pepper.

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