Why is the cervix white?

A woman’s uterus is very important, because it can give birth to a baby, and women in reproductive period need to pay more attention to their own uterus health. Many women go to the hospital for physical examination regularly to check their physical condition. When they check, they find that their cervix is white. Why is it white?

Under normal circumstances, the cervix will not turn white. If the cervix has been treated before, it may be due to local cervical necrosis caused by physical therapy, thus the color has changed. It may also be the possibility of cervical cancer, and the probability of women suffering from cervical cancer is also very high, so it is necessary to arouse vigilance. It is best to have a further examination. Screening for cervical cancer can be done to eliminate the possibility of cervical cancer.

Human papillomavirus infection can induce cervical cancer, which is also caused by premature sex life or frequent change of partners. The early symptoms of cervical cancer are not obvious, but contact bleeding and other symptoms will occur in the late stage, and severe symptoms such as waist ache, anal swelling, frequent micturition and urgency will occur.

It is very important for women to prevent human papillomavirus infection. If conditions permit, they can be actively injected with human papillomavirus vaccine. If they are not vaccinated, they will go to the hospital for regular physical examination. To screen whether they are infected with human papillomavirus, they can go to the hospital for examination once every six months or one year. Especially for married women, it is very important to go to the hospital for physical examination regularly. Many diseases can be controlled and treated in time after early detection.

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