Why is the skin bigger and darker?

When babies are born, they are very pink and have smooth skin. Because the baby’s skin is delicate and easy to be hurt, parents need to do skin care for their children. However, some parents find that as children grow up, their skin becomes darker and darker. So, how can children’s skin get bigger and darker?

Genetic factors have a great influence on children’s skin color, and the color of parents’ skin determines the skin color of children to a great extent. Children’s skin is darker as they grow up. It is likely that parents’ skin is darker. If parents’ skin is very white, children’s skin will not be very dark.

Children often take outdoor activities, which can also cause skin blackening. Exposure to the sun for a long time will make the skin tanned. Therefore, when going out, you should pay attention to shading, and try not to let the strong sunlight directly dry your skin. Parents should pay attention, it is not recommended to apply sunscreen to children, otherwise it will easily hurt the skin.

If parents find that their children’s skin is abnormally blackened, and there are no sun exposure, genetic problems, etc., it is likely that the skin is blackened due to diseases, so they need to take their children to see a doctor in time, and they can go to the endocrinology department or dermatology department to see a doctor, which can find out the reasons for the children’s skin blackening. In addition to some skin diseases, endocrine diseases, such as adrenal hyperplasia, can also make the skin black.

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