Why is the uterus too small to be pregnant?

Different women have different uterus development and size because of their physical differences, but the size of uterus also has normal standards and ranges, so judging whether the uterus is developing normally is also based on this standard, but some women may have the problem of small uterus, which will affect the pregnancy. So why is the uterus too small to be pregnant?

If a woman’s uterus is too small, it is probably because the uterus is stunted, so even if the structure and shape of the uterus are normal, but because the volume is relatively small, the amount of menstruation is very small, and there may even be no menstruation, which affects the normal ovulation, thus affecting pregnancy.

So what causes the uterus to be small?

First, it may be caused by endocrine dysfunction. In this case, it is easy to have abnormal secretion of female or progesterone. Therefore, if the secretion of these two hormones is abnormal, uterine development will be greatly affected.

Second, it is possible that during puberty, women are over-dieting or picky eaters, which leads to lack of nutrients in the body, thus affecting the development of uterus.

Third, if there are uterine fibroids or endocrine diseases, it may also affect the normal growth of the uterus.

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