Why is there acne in the middle of cleavage during pregnancy?

Why is there acne in the middle of cleavage during pregnancy? There are three main reasons for acne in cleavage during pregnancy:

1. The hormone level changes, and the hormone level in pregnant mothers changes rapidly. In this case, some pregnant mothers have acne in cleavage. We can only adapt to this matter. Fortunately, most pregnant mothers’ postpartum hormone levels will gradually return to normal, and cleavage acne will also improve.

2. In terms of diet, some pregnant mothers will eat a lot of foods with high oil and sugar because of the change of taste during pregnancy or because they want to take more nutrition. These high-sugar foods can cause acne in cleavage.

3. Neglect skin care. Some pregnant mothers worry that skin care products are bad for their baby’s health during pregnancy, thus neglecting the daily cleaning and nursing work. Lack of cleaning can lead to excessive accumulation of keratin. At the same time, the change of hormone level makes the skin excrete vigorously. These two factors lead to inducing cleavage acne.

Hormone levels can’t be controlled, but diet and skin care can be controlled by us. Pay attention to the nutrition distribution of diet during pregnancy, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of acne.

In addition, it is also possible that the dry skin of pregnant mothers leads to acne, and the stratum corneum is one of the culprits of acne. Autopoisoning makes toxins accumulate in the body, and it is also the case that we have acne in cleavage. Radiation can also cause acne in the cleavage of pregnant women. If the skin is too sensitive, slight radiation can cause cleavage acne.

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