Why is there scalp in the middle of the head?

When someone combs their hair, they find some small pimples in the middle of their head, which leads to a white scalp like snowflake on their shoulders, which seems to affect their personal image, so they use various methods to remove dandruff. So why is there dandruff in the middle of the head?

The dandruff in the middle of the head is caused by the metabolism between the sebaceous gland secretion of the head and the cuticle, which is a normal physiological phenomenon. Under normal circumstances, it will not bring harm to the human body, but only bring some troubles to people. Therefore, it needs attention.

There may be the following reasons that cause scalp in the middle of the head:

First, when shampooing, use shampoo that is irritating or easy to cause damage to scalp. If this shampoo is used for a long time, dandruff will easily grow, and if it is not cleaned in time, it will accumulate in the middle of the head and form a cortex. If the cortex is thick, dandruff will form.

Second, improper shampooing method will also cause dandruff in the middle of the head. It is not suitable to wash with cold water when shampooing. Warm water should be used for shampooing. Pay attention to that the water temperature should not be too high. In particular, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the shampoo. Shampoo should not remain on the hair, so as to avoid irritating the scalp caused by head skin.

Third, living irregularly or staying up late, eating irregularly, or eating spicy food with a large amount of oily fat, leads to unbalanced sebum secretion, which will cause some dandruff to grow in the middle of the hair.

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