Why is there so much dandruff?

When you tried to throw your beautiful hair, it was embarrassing and dandruff was thrown out. When you want to comb your hair in a handsome position, you accidentally pick out dandruff. Why does dandruff appear all the time? Why is there so much dandruff?

The main cause of dandruff is caused by fungi. Because of the excessive reproduction of this fungus, it is easy to cause hyperplasia of scalp cuticle, which will also lead to the appearance of white dandruff in cells of cuticle, which falls off, and this white dandruff is dandruff.

There are many reasons leading to dandruff, such as bacterial infection. In this case, dandruff is usually large, gray or white. Like excessive sebum secretion, dandruff is white and small, and there will be itchy scalp and dry hair. The dandruff problem can be removed from the following aspects:

1. Wash your hair frequently, usually once every 2 days, and those with excessive dandruff can wash it once a day;

2. To use big brand shampoo containing anti-dandruff ingredients, such as Head & Shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo, is of great help to solve the dandruff problem;

3. If you have itchy scalp, don’t scratch your head with your nails or a sharp comb, so as not to irritate your scalp;

4. It is best to wash your hair with warm water, but too cold or overheated water should not be used.

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