Will adults use baby cream at night?

Everyone will apply suitable skin care products after washing their faces, and there are some differences in skin care products used by each age group. For Xiaobaobao, it is necessary to use baby cream, while adults need to use products used by adults. So how about using baby cream for adults at night?

If the skin of adults is fragile, and the facial skin will be allergic after applying other products, you can also use baby cream. However, when the skin is in a healthy state, using baby cream at night will not have the effects of hydrating, anti-wrinkle and whitening, and long-term use may even cause skin aging, so try not to use baby cream for adults.

Because the efficacy of skin care products used by adults is different from that of baby cream used by babies, and because the baby’s skin is very delicate, the baby cream mainly focuses on moisturizing and moistening, and cannot achieve other effects. However, skin care products used by adults have many efficacy, and people who often use skin care products must have better skin than those who do not use skin care products.

It is the best time for adults to recover their skin at night, because they may be harmed by ultraviolet rays and dust during the day, but at night, people spend all their time sleeping, so clean their faces before sleeping, and use some good skin care products to play a very good role.

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