Will blood sugar be high if you exercise less during pregnancy?

Pregnant women should pay attention to blood sugar, because pregnant women are more likely to suffer from gestational diabetes. If it is found that blood sugar is high, we should pay attention to it and control it in time. When a female friend is pregnant, the amount of exercise is relatively small. So, will blood sugar be high if you exercise less during pregnancy?

Little exercise during pregnancy does not raise blood sugar, and there is no direct relationship between them. During pregnancy, if women have symptoms of high blood sugar, they need to control their diet. Usually, they should choose foods with less sugar, such as cakes and chocolates, so try not to eat them.

If you have gestational diabetes, your blood sugar will exceed the normal standard. At this time, you should not only adjust your diet, but also use hypoglycemic drugs. If necessary, you need to inject insulin, which can make your blood sugar return to normal. The use of hypoglycemic drugs and insulin must follow the doctor’s advice.

During pregnancy, women should exercise moderately, which can improve their physical fitness and help them to give birth later. Moreover, if pregnant women exercise, they can also prevent edema due to poor blood flow. When pregnant women take exercise, they must do what they can, not be overworked, and should choose some soothing exercises, such as walking and yoga during pregnancy.

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