Will having a drug flow during the first pregnancy affect fertility?

Drug abortion is one of the common abortion methods, which is to terminate pregnancy by taking drugs orally. Many women in life do not plan to have children because of accidental pregnancy, so they will choose this method to solve it. Some women are afraid that drug abortion will affect their future fertility. Let’s take a look at whether drug abortion during the first pregnancy will affect fertility.

If the drug flow is done during the first pregnancy, the endometrial restoration is better, and the ovarian ovulation function is not affected, which usually does not affect the future fertility, so don’t worry too much. However, some women have an impact on pregnancy after drug abortion for the first time, which is usually related to infection or failure to repair endometrium, and may also be caused by ovarian ovulation dysfunction.

Women need to find a regular hospital gynecology department for drug flow during their first pregnancy, which is safer and less likely to have sequelae, and usually does not affect pregnancy. Care needs to be done after drug flow, and it is necessary to go to the hospital for reexamination. Make sure whether there is any residue in the uterine cavity, and if there is any residue, deal with it in time, so as not to affect future pregnancy.

Don’t have sex within one month after the drug is released, because the body hasn’t recovered yet and the immunity is poor during this period, so having sex can easily lead to infection. Usually, you should wash the vulva with warm water, but you can’t take a bath in the bath. You should take a shower and change your underwear and sanitary napkins frequently to avoid infection.

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