Will pregnant women get cold sweat when they sleep?

After pregnancy, women’s identity has changed, not only that, but also many women’s psychology and physiology have changed greatly. Pay attention to the growth of the fetus and their physical condition. Pregnant women are more worried that their physical changes will have a bad influence on the baby. So, will the baby catch cold when the pregnant woman sleeps with cold sweat?

Cold sweat during sleeping will not affect your baby, so don’t worry about your baby catching cold. After all, the baby is in the belly of the pregnant woman, protected by placenta and amniotic fluid, and the baby will not catch cold or catch cold in the belly of the expectant mother. However, the pregnant woman is sweating when sleeping, which indicates that the pregnant woman has some physical conditions and needs attention.

Pregnant women sleep out of cold sweat. From the point of view of Chinese medicine, this is night sweat. It is very likely that pregnant women have abnormal yin deficiency or qi deficiency. But because it is a pregnant woman, it is a normal physiological phenomenon to sleep with cold sweat. After all, the adrenal cortex function of the pregnant woman is very excited at this time, and the basal metabolic rate of the pregnant woman is increased, so the blood flow of the skin is increased, which makes it easy to sweat.

What pregnant women need to pay attention to when they sleep in cold sweat is that they can put on loose clothes, which is not only comfortable for themselves, but also beneficial to the baby. Don’t be afraid of sweating, you can take a good bath before going to bed, but don’t drink plenty of water, otherwise it will affect the sleep of pregnant women.

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