Will skin care products enter the blood?

Nowadays, women like to use skin care products, and feel that without skin care products, their skin will be greatly affected and become worse. However, many women use skin care products carefully after pregnancy, fearing that skin care products will enter the blood and affect their babies. So will skin care products enter the blood?

Almost impossible. Because our skin is a natural city wall, this natural city wall is relatively strong. The ingredients in skin care products are blocked by our skin, and few ingredients in skin care products can enter blood vessels through the strong city wall and flow through the whole body through blood circulation. Therefore, skin care products will not enter the blood circulation through our skin.

Therefore, when women use skin care products, they must understand that skin care products play a protective role on the skin, and its function only stays on the skin. Of course, there may be some ingredients that will eventually reach the blood through the skin, but such ingredients are few, and their functions are almost negligible.

Components in skin care products, such as minerals and collagen, can only lock moisture on the surface of our skin. These components are macromolecular substances, which grow on the surface of our skin like lids and will enter the skin. Although some small molecules can enter the skin, the composition of these small molecules is limited, so the skin absorbs less skin care products.

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