Will the face with wisdom teeth change?

Because on the Internet, some stars often say that their face changes because they have their wisdom teeth pulled out, so many girls are convinced that teeth will change people’s face, and pulling out wisdom teeth can make people’s faces thinner, so girls are very worried, will long wisdom teeth make their faces bigger? Then let’s find out whether the face with wisdom teeth will change.

Wisdom teeth will not affect people’s face, so whether they are pulled out or long, they will not affect people’s face. Because wisdom teeth grow on the gums, and there are thick occlusal muscles and lower frontal bones outside our gums, wisdom teeth can’t affect the face shape at all, and a person’s face shape is determined by the width of lower frontal bones and the thickness of occlusal muscles. Wisdom teeth can’t change the width of mandible and the thickness of occlusal muscle, so long wisdom teeth and pulled out wisdom teeth will have no effect on face shape.

But why do doctors advise patients to pull out their wisdom teeth? This is mainly because most people’s wisdom teeth do not grow normally, some are half long, some are full-length, but the horizontal growth and uneven arrangement of teeth will make it more difficult to clean the mouth. Wisdom teeth are located at the innermost end of the mouth, so it is not easy to brush teeth. If dental plaque grows too much for a long time, it is easy to get dental caries, periodontitis and other oral diseases. Therefore, for the sake of oral health, it is recommended to pull out the wisdom teeth.

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