Will the fetus turn over at 18 weeks of gestation?

During pregnancy, pregnant women can feel fetal movement, but many pregnant women don’t know when fetal movement will occur. Some pregnant women feel swimming in their stomachs at 18 weeks of pregnancy, like the fetus turning over. Will the fetus turn over at 18 weeks of pregnancy?

At this time of the 18th week of pregnancy, slight fetal movement can be felt, but the fetal movement is not particularly obvious. The fetus will turn over in the uterine cavity, because the çİş in the uterine cavity is relatively large for the fetus now, so the range of fetal activities is relatively large. Sometimes pregnant women will feel the movement in their stomachs, which is actually fetal movement, but only slightly.

During pregnancy, women should keep a good mood. They can start prenatal education after pregnancy and listen to prenatal education music for their babies, or pregnant women often talk to their babies. Prenatal education is also very important for the fetus, which can cultivate the baby’s good character and is beneficial to the baby’s development in all aspects.

After 5 months of pregnancy, fetal movement will become more and more obvious, and it will become more frequent in late pregnancy. Pregnant women can count fetal movements every day after 30 weeks of pregnancy, so as to know the development of the fetus through fetal movements. If fetal movements are too frequent or decrease, they need to go to the hospital to check whether there is intrauterine hypoxia, so long as fetal movements are normal, they can rest assured.

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