Will the wisdom teeth with long crooked face become wider?

Teeth are very important to the image of human beings. When you smile, you can show your beautiful teeth, which can increase your personality charm and appeal. Many people’s wisdom teeth will be crooked during their growth. Once they are found to be crooked, many people are worried that it will affect their face shape. So, will the face with long crooked wisdom teeth widen?

Long crooked wisdom teeth will not widen the face. First of all, there is no relationship between wisdom teeth and face, and wisdom teeth are crooked, but generally speaking, wisdom teeth grow mainly in jaws. Because wisdom teeth are buried in the jaws, even if they are crooked, they will have little effect on the face, so they will not widen the face.

Secondly, it is not the teeth or wisdom teeth that determine the face shape. Face shape is mainly determined by bones. Especially the lower part of the face near the teeth, which has jaws. The existence of upper and lower jaws shapes the lower part of the face, thus forming the lower part of the face. The growth of wisdom teeth will not affect the jaw and never change the face shape.

Besides jaw bone, facial muscles and bones have a great influence on face shape. Many people want to pull out wisdom teeth, not because wisdom teeth affect their face shape. But the existence of wisdom teeth brings pain and other abnormalities, in which case it is necessary to remove wisdom teeth. If wisdom teeth are crooked, it will be troublesome to pull them out, so pay attention.

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