Will you wash your face with normal saline?

Some female friends, because of hormone secretion in the body and facial skin, will cause acne on the face, which will affect the facial beauty. For beauty lovers, if they want to reduce facial acne, it is particularly important to do skin care every day. So how about getting rid of acne and washing your face with normal saline?

The main component of physiological saline is sodium chloride, which has good anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects. However, it is good or bad to clean the face with physiological saline, which needs to be aimed at different skin types, and its effect will be different. Therefore, we cannot simply think that washing the face with physiological saline is good or bad.

If a woman has sensitive skin, washing her face with normal saline will easily cause skin allergy, which will cause redness, chapping and peeling of the cuticle. Therefore, it is definitely not good to wash her face with normal saline in this case.

However, for women with skin tolerance, washing their faces with normal saline can remove the oil accumulated in skin pores or a small amount of oil in acne, and can also effectively remove the dirt hidden in other cuticles, so as to achieve the functions of cleaning skin, sterilizing and diminishing inflammation. In this case, it is better to wash your face with normal saline.

In a word, washing your face with normal saline should not be done frequently, and it should be used as appropriate according to your skin condition. Especially, normal saline can not be used to clean the face for a long time, which will easily make the skin drier and the stratum corneum thinner.

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