You can’t eat nectarines with high blood sugar during pregnancy.

Pregnant women are a very special group, and they need to pay attention to many problems during pregnancy. So, can’t they eat nectarines with high blood sugar during pregnancy?

Nectarine is a common fruit in the market. When the blood sugar is high during pregnancy, you can eat some nectarines in moderation, but you need to control the blood sugar. Nectarine can supplement dietary fiber, vitamins and trace elements well. During pregnancy, pregnant women need to supplement vitamins, trace elements and dietary fiber. Therefore, you can eat nectarines properly during pregnancy.

Choose nectarine time to avoid normal meal time. Because many pregnant women with elevated blood sugar during pregnancy will have elevated blood sugar within 1-2 hours after meals. Therefore, it is recommended to eat a small amount of nectarine after two hours. For example, eat half nectarines in the morning and half in the afternoon. Although nectarine has low sugar content, its glycemic index is still between 30 and 40. If you eat a lot of nectarines at one time, it will affect your blood sugar.

If you have diabetes during pregnancy, I suggest you eat more fruits, less sweets and more coarse grains. It is recommended that you check your blood sugar every day.

To sum up, pregnant women can eat nectarine. Nectarine is rich in amino acids, vitamin C and sugar. After eating, pregnant women can effectively supplement vitamin C needed by human body, protect skin and protect normal growth of fetus. In addition, the sugar it contains can supplement the energy needed by pregnant women. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, nectarine has the efficacy of invigorating middle-warmer, invigorating qi, nourishing yin and promoting fluid production, and can improve the deficiency of qi and blood during pregnancy.

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