You can’t have children for more than a few weeks at most.

Everyone knows that a woman is pregnant in October, but when the child is about to be born, many female friends will be anxious, and some pregnant women may have premature birth or delay due to various physical conditions, so pregnant women cannot have children for more than a few weeks.

Generally, the expected date of pregnancy is calculated according to 40 weeks, starting from the last menstruation. However, it is normal for more than 37 weeks to 42 weeks. If it exceeds the expected date of birth, you should go to the hospital to ask a doctor in time. If it is less than 37 weeks, it is premature birth, because the fetus will develop every month, and the child can be born at any time in about 40 weeks, so 40 weeks is the whole time in the womb.

What if the baby isn’t born yet, but it’s due? First, pregnant mothers should strengthen their exercise. You can go for a walk in a nearby park or climb stairs. Walking is very suitable in the third trimester. It can help the fetus to descend into the pelvis and increase the flexibility of the pelvis. Upright exercise also promotes the fetus to enter the pelvis early, and can also exercise the pelvic floor muscles of mothers, thus enhancing the productivity.

Pregnant mothers must not act privately when going out for sports, and do not go far away, in case of “emergency”. When there is slight pain in the stomach, you should go to the doctor immediately, and mothers should keep a good attitude and wait for the babies to come.

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