You get symptoms of breast cancer during pregnancy.

After a woman gets breast cancer, there will be some obvious symptoms. If she gets breast cancer during pregnancy, it will actually be reflected by some symptoms, and the symptoms are almost the same as those when she is not pregnant. However, most women do not know what kind of symptoms will happen, so what are the symptoms of getting breast cancer during pregnancy?

First, there is a lump in the breast. Sometimes, pregnant women massage their breasts, or when they take a bath, if they touch lumps and lumps in their breasts, they should pay attention to them, because an obvious symptom after getting breast cancer is that there will be lumps in their breasts.

Second, there may be nipple retraction. If you observe that there are some slight depressions or nipple erosion or asymmetry in the skin of your breast, you also need to check in time.

Third, there will be pain. Although many patients with breast cancer do not feel obvious pain, if there is pain in breast prevention, and it is still a paroxysmal stabbing pain or dull pain, they must go for examination.

Fourth, in the early stage of breast cancer, there may be some local uncomfortable feelings in the breast, especially after menopause, women may often feel slight pain in the breast or a feeling of soreness in the back.

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